Special Needs Travel & Shopping

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You name it and I've got limitations!  I'm older and recovering from a stroke.  I need to watch my income and can't walk very far without needing a chair to sit on, or a scooter to get around.  I don't carry one in the car because I can't lift it by myself nor frankly can I afford to buy a new scooter anyway.   I'm losing weight so I also find some chairs I can't fit into easily.  

Then there's my special diet both my daughter and I are on.  Because she's got fibromyalgia we have an even stricter diet than most.  So I am trying to remain as organic, chemical-free, hormone-free, glutin-free as possible.  We avoid fried foods and try to be as "anti-inflammatory" as possible.  Junk food lays me out for days!  We don't smoke, drink, party, etc. either.  I have a disabled daughter who travels with me along with two dogs and a cat!  I have an RV, but since I'm living in it I don't use it for travel except when I'm relocating.  I have to do a lot of research just to go shopping, eat out, or travel.  Research that dawned on me might be useful to other people.  I've considered "medical marijuana" for us but we can't afford to gain weight nor get the "munchies" for junk food!  

Welcome to our site where I'll be reviewing everywhere I go, travel, shop, or eat at to give you some help with your own planning.  Right now I'm living in Los Angeles, but travel to Las Vegas about every two weeks for my daughter's medical needs.  If I review a location where I've taken any ad money - I'll make a note of it so you'll have full disclosure here.  If you have an experience you'd like to share - please send me the photos and information.  

                                                                                                   ------ Author, Jody Williams