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i also try and volunteer when I can to help abuse victims.  This includes adults and juveniles, as well as men, women, transgenders and the LGBT community who may be coming from a situation where they've been raped, molested, kidnapped, sexually exploited, victims of domestic violence, etc.

I've been a paralegal for about 30 years now and most abuse victims need help with divorce, fighting evictions, restraining orders, child custody, mental competency, credit repair, even trying to make sure the landlord let's you keep your beloved cat or pooch.  

So you find yourself in some kind of trouble and you need help where you find you can't afford an attorney, but you need help with the paperwork, then you can ask me for help and I'll see what I can do.  

I'd love to do things like build houses for "Habitat for Humanity" but I can't physically do this.  What I can do however is my volunteer work on the phone or computer using my paralegal  skills.  I also view some of this as that type of work because I want to also see about getting this community out of the house, back in school, and living life.  So I'm also going to be reviewing things such as online schools as part of my volunteer work and the reviews.  

I do have a 501c3 nonprofit.  My long term goal is to get a large house or apartment complex back in Pennsylvania.  There I want to set up a combination animal rescue, breeding and training compound where I can also take in troubled youth who can't be in "typical" group or foster homes because they have special diet needs like maybe needing to abstain from sugar and glutin.  This ties into us having a couple of chickens and a garden.  I also want the house to be "off the grid", "green" and self-sustaining.

To get there, I'm working on some books and scripts.  I figure if I sell 1,000,000 copies of a book at $1.00 each - I've made enough to get the ranch going I want to build!


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